Free Diagnosis

If you are in possession of a faulty Smartphone, but not entirely sure as to what the problem or fault is, we offer a service here at SmartfoneFix called a 'Free Smartphone Diagnosis Service'

We offer this service completely FREE of charge! There is however a mandatory £10 return shipping cost payable in advance which is then refunded or deducted from the cost of the repair if you decide to proceed.

Below is a step by step process of how this service works;

STEP 1            

Send your smartphone to our workshop by ordering the free smartphone diagnosis service via the link below.


Your smartphone is assigned to one of our senior repair technicians who will test many parts of the smartphone and check what is causing the problem with the smartphone. This involves disassembling the device into individual parts and testing each modular component to verify that it is functioning correctly. This is achieved by using a vast array of specialist equipment which analyses components to check them for faults. Our technicians also have a lot of experience working with smartphones so they will be able to somewhat identify faults just by examining the internal parts, as some faults are more evident than others.


We will contact you within 7 days of receiving your smartphone (sometimes a lot sooner than this depending on how busy we are) and let you know the outcome of the senior repair technician's findings. This will give you a clear indication what is causing the problem and we will also give you a list of possible options or solutions which can consist of;

Repairing the smartphone - Subject to part availability we will let you know the fixed price cost involved

Data Recovery/Extraction - We might be able to retrieve vital information and data from the smartphone instead of repair

Posting back the smartphone - We re-assemble the smartphone, and post it back in the exact condition it arrived

Recycling the smartphone - Subject to your consent we pay you to recycle your smartphone


You decide what you would like us to do with your smartphone. Most of the solutions we offer you can be processed and turned around fairly quickly, usually within a few days.

Please click onto the following link to view our Free Smartphone Diagnosis Service;